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Philippine Cacao

The Chocolate Chamber (TCC), the brand carrier of its mother company, Ralfe Gourmet, Inc., operates with a mission of catapulting the chocolate-making scene in the Philippines a notch higher. In working towards its goal, the artisanal chocolate company focuses on transforming locally-produced cacao beans into internationally acclaimed creations through its various products and services as showcased in its cafés, boutiques and other platforms. TCC’s president and founder, Raquel Toquero-Choa, dreams of sharing her love for cacao with the world and believes in the power of collaboration as she continues to inspire the next generation of cacao stakeholders to continue the centuries-old tradition that celebrate and highlight the unique qualities of homegrown cacao.

TCC Cafè

1521 Chocolate

High Tea

The 1521 Chocolate High Tea Is an ode to cacao, a precious commodity introduced during the Spanish regime in the Philippines. Starting at 1521 hours, it’s a journey of the senses as Philippine Chocolate Sommelier, Raquel Toquero-Choa, concocts ‘tablea’ creations that highlight how these pure cacao tablets evolved as an essential culinary ingredient.

The Chocolate Chamber Academy

Cacao Orientation Course

Beyond Chocolate Virtual Tour

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Growing together 

February 11 to 13 – Private Event

Beyond Chocolate Virtual Tour

February 12, 2021 – via zoom

World Chocolate Day

July 7 – movenpick